RoundGlass Rise Selected as the Technology Partner of Choice by Community Foundation of South Puget Sound Give Local Campaign

Give Local Campaign Supports Local Non-Profits to Foster Social Equity in Communities RoundGlass Inc., a global well-being company, announced for the second consecutive year Community Foundation of South Puget Sound has chosen RoundGlass Rise as its technology partner for Give Local. Give Local is an important initiative created to amplify local giving, highlight the great work […]

Yesterday was #GivingTuesday and today is #NotTooLate

Yes, it’s true – 27th Nov was #GivingTueday and today is #NotTooLate. For fear of fatiguing donors, limited resource or your belief that #GivingTueday is overwhelming for donors just like last week’s Thanksgiving meal – Whatever might be the reason, you really don’t have regret not doing a fundraiser for yesterday. After all, we are just […]

A Fresh Way to Bring the Giving Spirit to your Workplace this Season

  Want a fresh way to bring the giving spirit into your workplace this year?  Holiday fundraisers can foster a warm and friendly culture for employees and teams while contributing positively to the community — coming together around a cause like education, food, shelter, or human rights can build morale, strengthens teams, and honor your company’s values. With the holiday season […]

Online Giving Platform, An Opportunity To Connect And Engage The Community You Serve

Online fundraising and  A New Opportunity to Connect and Engage the Community they serve Community foundations and other community philanthropies are among the fastest growing institutional forms of giving around the globe. With this growth, the role of community foundations is also evolving. Among other essential roles, aligning social action, engaging the community, and expanding financial […]

Custom Online Fundraising

Revolutionizing and Enhancing Organization’s Fundraising Potential With online giving and fundraising gaining momentum, the choice of tool is becoming a must while building a fundraising strategy. Whether it is a small community foundation, a fiscal agent or a large global charity, customized fundraising platforms can prove to be a powerful tool for all fundraising initiatives. […]

Online Fundraising? Of Course, Not Without A Strategy

Statistics show that successful online fundraising can significantly contribute to the organization’s success. Investing in software to help you raise more online can have an exceptionally high rate of return compared to other types of cause marketing and promotion. Of course, not without a strategy. The two most important questions most organizations can answer to […]

Campaign Comments

Rise Fundraiser now offers the ability to post comments on campaigns such that campaigners can stay connected with their supporters, extended network. This feature allows audience to post in comments to the campaigns on Rise Fundraiser. All comments posted for a specific campaign will be visible on the campaign page in comments trail section. How can you […]

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New Campaign Template (UNITE) Key Highlights

Rise Fundraiser have introduced ‘Unite’ as our new campaign template which is enriched with optimizations for key features. It offers improved and simplistic user interface, easy to use options, prominent CTAs, easy to access peer to peer campaign options, contribution form design refresh, ability to add comments. How to choose Campaign templates while creation of Campaigns? […]

Embed Campaigns

Rise Fundraiser now offers flexibility to embed any of the fundraising campaigns to own Websites, Blogs as per requirements. Embed Campaigns option will be visible to Campaign Administrators for their corresponding campaigns. Following are the steps to Embed Campaigns. This is applicable for both Unit based and Amount based campaigns. Navigate to your campaign on Rise […]


Benefits of Multiple Types of Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising is critical for most nonprofits and it takes time to build relationships that generate the revenue needed to operate. With technological advancement in all the fields surrounding us, the nonprofit sector too is reaping the benefits. Online fundraising is one of the fastest growing technology offerings, changing how nonprofits are approaching fundraising altogether. It’s not only […]