Benefits of Multiple Types of Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising is critical for most nonprofits and it takes time to build relationships that generate the revenue needed to operate. With technological advancement in all the fields surrounding us, the nonprofit sector too is reaping the benefits. Online fundraising is one of the fastest growing technology offerings, changing how nonprofits are approaching fundraising altogether. It's not only is opening new doors for revenue but also to building those relationships, cultivating new donor base. Today's and the future donor are definitely more technology savvy and use to variety.

The emerging challenge fundraisers face today is the choice of the digital platform they choose to keep this new age donor engaged. Ability to run multi-type of campaigns through one platform can significantly help fundraisers streamline their fundraising efforts, yet helps get the attention of new donors through a variety of type.  

Easy Setup: Simple fundraising campaigns easy to start and finish can be created in a matter of minutes. With multiple templates, you get to pick a theme to give a custom look.

Organically cultivated donor base: Every fundraising campaign is an opportunity to grow your donor base; partner with corporate for a team-based fundraiser or launches a peer-to-peer with a few trusted supporters. Customizable profile pages help personalize the story and appeal.

Integrated fundraising: Setup up unlimited gift campaigns, easy two-line code embeds allow you to share the campaign anywhere– your website, blogs or your sponsors’ sites to maximize outcomes.  

Simplified donation process: The easy pop-up on click form creates a seamless transition for donors, simplifying the donation process for supporters.

Now imagine being able to monitor, analyze, plan, report and run all your campaigns through one system! that too at no cost to you. 

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