Give Local Campaign Manager User Guide – Managing Online Fundraising Campaigns

Managing an Active Fundraising Campaign

Even after your fundraiser has launched, you will want to come back to the Campaign Editor to:

  • make changes to the active campaign content or settings
  • view campaign performance
  • publish updates to your supporters
  • add donations received from offline sources

Getting Started: Open the Campaign Editor

Log into the system -> Click on profile icon -> Click on My Campaigns.

Your currently active fundraising campaign should be visible under "Live" tab.  If you can't see it, it may not have been published or approved. Try clicking on the "All" tab to see if it is in draft or pending status.

When you see the fundraising campaign that you are looking for, click on ‘Edit Campaign’ button on campaign card to edit or update.

When you have the fundraising campaign editor open, you can make modifications to the content and settings of your campaign, view performance/statistics, publish a campaign update, and add offline donations.

Making changes to your fundraising campaign content from Campaign Settings Tab

Each of the tabs in the Campaign Settings has different content or configuration settings for you to modify. Remember to click "Save Changes" each time you have completed.  Changes made to a live campaign are immediately visible to your donors and audience. Please be careful when working with live campaigns.

See how your fundraiser is performing: Click on statistics tab to view daily, weekly or monthly performance summary and audience summary




Step 3: Create a Campaign Update to Share with your team and donors

If you've reached a milestone in your campaign, or have received a special matching offer, or have any other news that you'd like to share with people who support your cause, a campaign update is the easiest way to do it. To create an update, view, or edit/delete and update, simply click on updates tab.


Note: Publishing a campaign update triggers an Email Notification to all users who are connected to the campaign as champions or donors. The campaign manager can edit or delete any published update.


Manage Offline Donations

If someone donates through check or cash, and you want the total to be reflected in your online campaign tracker (yes, you really want this, because it shows broad support engagement in your campaign), go to the offline donation tab. Make sure you collect the donors email address so that they can be sent an email receipt for their donation. 

Note: Risefundraiser does not deposit checks electronically -- checks must be deposited into your bank account. The check numbers and images are only for purposes of tracking donations accurately. 

1. Adding Check Donation to the campaign: 

  1. Fill in details from the check.
  2. As campaign manager, make sure to select the correct team and champion to receive credit for this donation. 
  3. Check images may be added for reference purpose




2. Adding Cash Donations to the fundraiser 

  1. Similar to check donation, capture all donor details and attribute to the correct team/chapter and champion if applicable.
  2. You can also enter specific comments in the comment section for future reference.

 Get started for a new campaign 

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