Fundraising Tips

How to promote your fundraiser offline? Offline fundraising channel is important to promote your fundraiser and sometimes it is more effective to use both the online and offline fundraising channels to promote your fundraiser. There are lot of means to promote your fundraiser effectively through offline channels and in cost-efficient manner. Here are some of […]

Donor FAQs

Who all can contribute to a fundraiser? Anybody who is 18 years of age or above and have the legal right to use payment means utilized to perform the donation and relates to a cause can send in their support and contribute to a fundraiser. For more information, you can read our┬áTerms of Use How […]

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Reporting a Fundraiser

When should a fundraiser be reported? You should only report the fundraiser to risefundraiser team only if you feel that the campaign organizer is engaged in fraudulent conduct, infringement, misrepresenting identity or campaign cause. Please note that risefundraiser will not be involved in personal disputes and our recommendation is to resolve personal disputes via local […]