Yesterday was #GivingTuesday and today is #NotTooLate

Yes, it’s true – 27th Nov was #GivingTueday and today is #NotTooLate. For fear of fatiguing donors, limited resource or your belief that #GivingTueday is overwhelming for donors just like last week’s Thanksgiving meal – Whatever might be the reason, you really don’t have regret not doing a fundraiser for yesterday. After all, we are just […]

Benefits of Multiple Types of Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising is critical for most nonprofits and it takes time to build relationships that generate the revenue needed to operate. With technological advancement in all the fields surrounding us, the nonprofit sector too is reaping the benefits. Online fundraising is one of the fastest growing technology offerings, changing how nonprofits are approaching fundraising altogether. It’s not only […]

Freedom and Humanity

India as a nation is one of the fastest growing economies. Last 7 decades of freedom has risen India to become one of the leading countries in building world-class talent. Growth in agricultural output over the past three decades has been strong to compete with US produce. No wonder the most significant contributor to all […]

Giving is Well-being: Bringing social awareness and charity to the community

Giving to others is a good idea – sign of kindness, support and empathy. However, this act cancan have a direct positive effect on your own wellbeing. Acts of kindness towards people, small or larger ones – like volunteering in your local community – can make you feel happier, satisfied and really give you sense […]

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Celebrating India’s festival of Giving – #DaanUtsav 2017

Over last 8 years – Daan Utsav ( Celebrated as India’s festival of giving) has grown into one of the biggest platform for philanthropy across India. Thousands of events and millions who participate to give their time, money, skill and resources back to society. Be it CEO, schoolchildren or homemakers, and company employee – people […]

This Independence Day’s need of the hour

Image Credit: With the 70th Independence Day coming up social media can be seen going crazy with posts and blogs about something or the other around the theme. While a few will take you through the culinary freedom we have enjoyed for the last 70 years, some will showcase the distance the Indian cinema […]