Give Local Campaign Manager User Guide – Managing Online Fundraising Campaigns

Managing an Active Fundraising Campaign Even after your fundraiser has launched, you will want to come back to the Campaign Editor to: make changes to the active campaign content or settings view campaign performance publish updates to your supporters add donations received from offline sources Getting Started: Open the Campaign Editor Log into the system -> Click on […]


How To Setup an Online Fundraising Campaign

Arthur C. Brooks in his New York Times piece nails why fundraising works : “Fund-raisers facilitate an alchemy of virtue: they empower those with financial resources to convert the dross of their money into the gold of a better society.” While all fundraisers empower supporters and donors to convert money into virtue, that conversion takes work. […]


How to add details for risefundraiser online campaign

Messaging and visuals play a vital role in the success of your campaigns. This section helps you add more details about your campaign. How to add photo and videos? Select media that conveys the message of your campaign and mission. Although, you can upload unlimited images and videos, select media that is most relevant and […]

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How can I source royalty free photographs for my non-profit fundraising campaign?

There are a number of online sites to source photographs that are royalty free. Be sure to go through and comply with publishing and licensing policy clauses, generally listed on the source site. Here is the list of few online sources:               Flikr’s Creative Commons:  Use the advanced search […]


How to start a new campaign on Risefundraiser – Overview

How to create and edit my fundraising campaigns? Step 1 How to create my account? You can sign in through your Facebook or Gmail account, or fill in basic information. You will receive a verification email, to activate your account. Once signed in you can edit your profile and add more information. How to set […]

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How to participate as a ‘Champion’ for your fundraising campaign – Start to finish

  Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started with your champion role in a campaign, it should only take a few minutes to get your basic page up and ready to go, but there’s plenty of opportunity for self-expression if you want to show off your creativity and personal style. 1. From the […]


Risefundraiser In-App Reporting: Steps to download the ‘Champion-wise donation summary’ report

Along with donation summary, now campaign managers and organization admins are able to view and download (PDF or CSV ) summarized donation reports by champion – ‘Champion wise donation summary’ The report provides useful donor and champion related data – A unique system identifier for each champion, name and email address of the champion, associated champion […]

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Risefundraiser 1.4 – Release Notes

  Release 1.4 of Risefundraiser was focused mainly on enhancements from a user perspective. the three areas of enhancements were in-app user notifications, dashboards and reporting features. Key Features and Enhancement In-App Notifications: Based on user’s role and privileges, the user receives notification triggered by a distinct set of events/action. The notification icon displays the number of […]