Campaign Manager User Guide – Creating an Online Fundraising Campaign

Campaign manager role in Risefundraiser is defined as a role that essentially manages the fundraising campaign from start to finish. Along with offline planning, this role is responsible to add, edit and manage information around the campaign, communicate to donors, champions and leads through built-in emailing capabilities and updates. Campaign manager also has access to […]


Risefundraiser 1.4 – Release Notes

  Release 1.4 of Risefundraiser was focused mainly on enhancements from a user perspective. the three areas of enhancements were in-app user notifications, dashboards and reporting features. Key Features and Enhancement In-App Notifications: Based on user’s role and privileges, the user receives notification triggered by a distinct set of events/action. The notification icon displays the number of […]

How to Add Offline Donations

In addition to online donations, your organization may receive donations through traditional modes such as cash or check. Rise fundraiser provides the ability to add these offline donations to your campaign. These funds will be included in the campaign tracker’s progress toward your goals, and donors will be included appropriately in the list of contributors. […]

Rise Fundraiser Overview – Full-featured, No-Fee, Integrated Peer Fundraising

If you’re looking for an online crowdfunding, or peer-fundraising solution for your nonprofit, we are proud to present Rise Fundraiser.  Custom built to support multiple simultaneous campaigns, many users, admins and fundraising champions, Rise Fundraiser will grow with your organization. With built-in storytelling, social sharing, and reporting, Rise Fundraiser makes it easy to engage your supporters, […]

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How to connect your bank account to rise fundraiser

Connect your bank account using Stripe or PayPal to rise fundraiser and collect donations online. rise fundraiser uses Stripe or PayPal to process US credit card transactions, in order to launch your campaign and  receive donations made on the platform, you need to follow these simple instructions to connect your payment gateway account. Instructions for […]