Champion User Guide

A Champion/Reader is anyone who takes it upon themselves to join the campaign and help raise funds through their personal network to reach the goal.

Note: Please keep in mind that risefundraiser platform provides flexibility to define naming convention for below mentioned terms. These are controlled through taxonomy as set up in the campaign settings by the administrator. 

  1. Champions, Readers, any other as controlled through settings
  2. Chapters, Teams, any other as controlled through settings
  3. Team Lead, Lead Champion, any other as controlled through settings
How can you become champion for a fundraiser?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started with your champion role in a campaign, it should only take a few minutes to get your basic page up and ready to go, but there’s plenty of opportunity for self-expression if you want to show off your creativity and personal style.

Option 1

Join directly from Champion tab of fundraiser - Navigate to champion tab of the specific fundraiser which you wish to join and click + icon. Once you join as champion, you will be able to manage your own fundraising page to achieve fundraising goals faster

Option 2

Accept invitation to join as a Champion to Fundraiser - Once you receive invitation from campaign manager for a specific fundraiser. You can simply accept the invitation from email and get started as a Champion. There is also a reject option to decline the invitation in case you are not willing to become champion for the specific fundraiser

Option 3

Join Team

1. From the main campaign Page, Click on the TEAMS/Chapter tab at the right, below the DONATE and SHARE buttons

2. You will see a list of the active TEAMS.  Click on the name of the TEAM you’d like to join.

If you don’t find the one you’re looking for or want to start a new one, contact your Campaign Manager.

3. Click on the large ‘+’ to add yourself to the TEAM

If you have not logged in yet, then you will see a screen prompting you to log in with your Facebook, Google, or email.

Please note, if you created an account on risefundraiser before as a donor, you will need to reset your password using the link at the bottom of the sign-in form. 

How to customize your fundraising page and begin raising money

When you have successfully joined as a champion, you should see a pop-up to welcomes you and gives a set of brief instructions for navigating back to your personal fundraising page and Champ Tools. You can use these to post updates, stories and see donations to your page. Once you’ve had a chance to review the instructions, click the GOT IT! Button

Personalize your fundraiser page as shown below

Donors in your social network are more likely to respond to a personal, heartfelt appeal from you, in your own words. The Champion page allows you to create a custom fundraising page with a personalized message from you. You can add “rich text” including images, formatting, and videos to your page to make it your own, and share with your audience why you care about this cause.

  1. Upload a banner image
  2. If you want to have your photo/avatar show up on your page and on your top-right menu, upload a photo of yourself.
  3. Customize the text with your personal message


Please make sure to fill out all the required information before you click SAVE.

You can always come back, edit this information, and continue to customize your personal fundraiser Page by clicking on the “My Campaigns” menu from the top

To managing/view your personal fundraiser page and promoting it, click on the top right menu


You should see a “dashboard” like the one below, showing you the overall progress of the campaign, team’s progress, and donations you have received so far.The dashboard is your personal command center for your campaigns. You will want to come back here each time you log in.


On the right-hand side of the dashboard are three suggested actions that you can do to help make your fundraiser a success:

  • Publish an Update about books you’ve read, share success with your supporters, or say Thank You.
  • Invite your supporters to donate by email
  • Publish a story on your page

There are also three buttons (highlighted in yellow).

  • VIEW TEAM PAGE takes you back to the page of the Team  you have just joined– you can see your progress as well as the other members of your Team
  • EDIT YOUR PAGE allows you to make changes to your personal fundraiser Page.  Get creative and stand out from the crowd with images, personal stories, and even videos that you upload to YouTube or Vimeo and embed in your page.
  • CHAMP TOOL takes you to a page where you can see reports of your donations, add Stories to your page, enter offline donations and send a Thank You to all your supporters.  You can also link videos in your updates.
    • Offline Donations: If you receive a check or cash donation, then you can make sure that the total is reflected on your page by adding an "offline donation." Offline donations can be made using Check or Cash Mode, by following instructions below.  Please note: check and cash donations must be deposited directly to the organization's bank account; the platform does not electronically deposit checks.
    • Adding a Story: Stories help engage viewers and inspire them to support the campaign. Stories have multiple purposes, depending on your campaign, they can be around celebrating success, showcasing a beneficiary, or simply giving a human face to your cause. 
    • Publishing and update to share with all of your donors. The update tool allows you to post and update to your personal page and send an email to all of your donors. Publishing an update when you're close to your goal, or only have a few days remaining on the campaign is a great way to celebrate success, or remind people to share or donate to help your cause.