Give Local Champion User Guide

A Champion is anyone who takes it upon themselves to join the campaign and help raise funds through their personal network to reach the goal. 

Step 1: Accept invitation to sign up, or join directly from the Champion Tab

Accept the invitation to join as Champion from email.

How to set up your page and begin raising money

When you log in and click on your profile icon in the top right of your screen, you should see a screen like this, with the options to edit your page, or use the "Champion Tool" 

Edit Champion Page to create your own custom fundraising page:

Donors in your social network are more likely to respond to a personal, heartfelt appeal from you, in your own words. The Champion page allows you to create a custom fundraising page with a personalized message from you. 

  1. Upload a banner image (960 pixels wide x 390 pixels tall works best)
  2. Add a profile picture
  3. Customize the text with your personal message

Using the Champion Tool to reach out to your networks, publish updates, enter offline donations, and share stories to your friends and potential donors. 

Offline Donations
If you receive a check or cash donation, then you can make sure that the total is reflected on your page by adding an "offline donation." Offline donations can be made using Check or Cash Mode, by following instructions below.  Please note: check and cash donations must be deposited directly to the organization's bank account; the platform does not electronically deposit checks. 



Adding a Story
Stories help engage viewers and inspire them to support the campaign. Stories have multiple purposes, depending on your campaign, they can be around celebrating success, showcasing a beneficiary, or simply giving a human face to your cause.

Publishing and update to share with all of your donors.
The update tool allows you to post and update to your personal page and send an email to all of your donors. Publishing an update when you're close to your goal, or only have a few days remaining on the campaign is a great way to celebrate success, or remind people to share or donate to help your cause.