Custom Online Fundraising

Revolutionizing and Enhancing Organization’s Fundraising Potential

With online giving and fundraising gaining momentum, the choice of tool is becoming a must while building a fundraising strategy. Whether it is a small community foundation, a fiscal agent or a large global charity, customized fundraising platforms can prove to be a powerful tool for all fundraising initiatives.

With customizable platforms, organizations are able to build a unique solution that resolves most, if not, all fundraising challenges. The best approach to finding solutions to the challenges an organization faces is to ask the right questions:

  • Can the solution be configured to meet the organization’s needs?
  • Will the solution elevate the organization’s brand, and build over the current online presence?
  • Can current staff operate the custom fundraising solution, and will they need a resource budget?

Promoting the mission in a personalized way creates excitement and encourages supporters to donate, participate, and rally their networks to the cause. Supporters are motivated when there is a customized fundraising strategy. Especially customization that facilitates better engagement with donors, and one that creates unique fundraising opportunities.

"The role of configuration and configurability of a platform to build an ideal fundraising platform should not be underestimated"

If done right, customization helps present a united image, and strong branding strategy to add to it, in fundraising campaigns acts like a glue. Last but not the least, many custom technologies come with the burden of multiple cycles of expensive maintenance, upgrades, staff training, and other paid resources. But shouldn't technology be solving the problems, not creating a new one? 

Learn how to leverage custom fundraising platform to succeed and overachieve fundraising goals: