Embed Campaigns

Rise Fundraiser now offers flexibility to embed any of the fundraising campaigns to own Websites, Blogs as per requirements.

Embed Campaigns option will be visible to Campaign Administrators for their corresponding campaigns.

Following are the steps to Embed Campaigns. This is applicable for both Unit based and Amount based campaigns.

Navigate to your campaign on Rise Fundraiser either through search option on top navigation or locate campaigns from “Donate” menu option.

Open the specific campaign. Campaign will include an option which says ‘Embed Now’ in the bottom of the page.

Click ‘Embed Now’, this will display various options available to embed campaigns on any of your websites, blogs etc.

Following are the options available to embed campaigns:

  • Selection of any of the below mentioned options will present an ability to preview how each option will look like post embed.
  • Click to embed option will present following radio button options which can be chosen. Also the code will be displayed against each of the option which can be copied and then utilized to be added as per the requirements of embedding campaigns.

Option 1 – Card

This includes 2 options i.e. Horizontal Card and Vertical Card. Details are described below:

Horizontal Card – By default, it will pick up campaign’s first banner image

Vertical Card  – By default, it will pick up campaign’s first banner image

Option 2 – Donate Button

Option 3 – Badge