Freedom and Humanity

India as a nation is one of the fastest growing economies. Last 7 decades of freedom has risen India to become one of the leading countries in building world-class talent. Growth in agricultural output over the past three decades has been strong to compete with US produce.

No wonder the most significant contributor to all this is freedom. One of the basic human needs is freedom, it also plays a central role in the social process. Human development means to expand rational choices, which is required to freedom concept.

Despite the freedom for more than 7 decades, 22% of 1.3 billion population in India lives below poverty. India still has a staggeringly high percentage of illiteracy, and according to a UNICEF report, India attributes to 30% of the malnourished children in the world.

Human development is the most critical factor of welfare improvement where the freedom is an essential instrument to achieve it. So, primarily being a citizen of a free nation, every citizen has the tool to contribute to a nation’s human development – in turn, contribute to the nation’s welfare development.

Freedom is the power to choose; humanity is a choice every citizen can make to empower.

This Indian independence day, let's celebrate our freedom by making a choice to be more human, empowering lives

Help rebuild the sense of confidence, ambition, and aspiration for the victim of violence or simply help underprivileged children get adequate nutrition through the mid-day meal program. 

Celebrate the freedom and make the right choice for you, your community and the nation!