RISE ‘Gift Widget’ makes custom fundraising pages a snap

Whether you are looking for a simple “Donate” button or have a series of specific gifts in mind, rise fundraiser makes it easy for your donors to click and give.

The Gift Widget is a powerful tool to create more opportunities for donors to give, anywhere on the web.  This standalone donation button or gift card allows you to create customized asks, giving pages, and instant campaigns.  Simply follow the detailed instructions below to add giving functionality to blog, web page or site.

  1. Create one or more Gifts for your organization. A Gift can be a Giving level  such as  “Gold Level Donor”, or can be a specific gift item like “Mosquito repellent bed net.” Each Gift has an associated donation value.


Using Gift Widget

Creating a gift

A Gift campaign or widget is an extension of the unit based campaign that Risefundraiser offers. In short, it’s a feature that enables you to have items that you need the most directly sponsored by your donors. It can be converted to be a donate button for your webpage or blog as-well. It’s a simple Do-it-yourself feature that’ll help you raise and manage your donors.

A Gift can be created under the organization detail tab panel by clicking on GIFT tab as shown below.

This provides a form to enter configuration for gift


Embedding a Gift

To embed a gift in your web page or blog, scroll down until you see the following section.

First, Select whether you’d like to display the widget as a “Donate” button, or as a “Card” which shows additional information and progress toward the gift goal.

There are two types of gift widgets – Button and Card

This will provide different views for the widget as following

To use the gift widget in your website or webpage simply copy and paste the code from the box to your html page.

For Example –




<div id=”gift-widget-KlR7KxDK7r8xwYSgWr86S”></div><script src=”donate.js” data-gift-guid=”KlR7KxDK7r8xwYSgWr86S” data-gift-widget-type=”card” id=”rg_giving_app_widget-KlR7KxDK7r8xwYSgWr86S” type=”text/javascript”></script>



The HTML code in blue is the copy-paste embedded code for gift widget.

User can position and set the layout of the <div> as they desire.

Donating using gift widget

When you click the DONATE button on the gift widget it presents a pop up message where a user can donate using their credit card information.

Embed the Widget into WordPress Site

Open the page or post where you want to embed the widget in Edit mode. Click on the Text tab and paste the Widget Embeddable code to the post or page and save it.

When you load this page again, you’ll see the widget. Please encapsulate the existing text on the post into a container like div.

Gift Direct Link

After creating the widget, you can share the direct link with others


Gift Center

As Organization admin, you can edit and manage the widgets by clicking on the Gifts tab after login as Organization Administrator

Embed into Joomla Site

  1. Create an article using Content under Joomla.
  2. Open the Article Editor and paste the Gift Tag Embedded Script
  3. Please ensure to disable the Script Filters from Editor and Article options. Otherwise, Joomla will omit the script tags from the article.