Giving is Well-being: Bringing social awareness and charity to the community

Giving to others is a good idea – sign of kindness, support and empathy. However, this act cancan have a direct positive effect on your own wellbeing. Acts of kindness towards people, small or larger ones – like volunteering in your local community – can make you feel happier, satisfied and really give you sense of purpose.

Evidence suggest that what we do and the way we think have the bigger impact on mental health and wellbeing, than our materialistic possessions. Positive mental wellbeing is about feeling good – both yourself and surroundings. Helping and supporting others, and working with others towards a shared goal, is good for our mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing of society

We are all inter-connected. As individuals, we are networked with others through our daily interactions and environment. We believe that selfless giving is an integral part of how we journey through the world of Wellbeing. Here are a few of RoundGlass pledges that build awareness around the wellbeing of self, your near and dear ones and our planet; you can support and spread the message across communities.

Pledge To Nourish A Child Today

By RoundGlass Blossom

The founding years of a baby are based on three pillars--nutrition, love, and care. As these are the blueprints that shape the individual, the baby turns to be. Breast milk is one of the best gifts a mother can give - it’s a complete source of nutrition for a growing child, proven to result in smarter, happier, and healthier children.

Whether you’re a partner, relative, friend or employer, take the Blossom Breastfeeding Pledge to show your support for breastfeeding women and growing children across the globe.

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Inform, Educate And Cancel Cancer!

By Kezang

Cancer is a leading cause of deaths worldwide and often creates misconceived fears. More than 30 percent of cancer cases can be prevented by modifying lifestyles or avoiding key risk factors. Focused public awareness and education is the only answer to reducing and maybe even canceling cancer.

Take a pledge to eliminate cancer and let’s have millions take a pledge before 4 February - The World Cancer Day to make our own and loved-ones lives healthier.

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Pledge To Protect Our Samsara

By RoundGlass Samsara

The environment is a natural extension of what we are. Be a part of a commitment to environmental stewardship, setting the bar above merely complying with laws and standards. A commitment to being a positive force for its enhancement. Take the pledge to respect, preserve and protect nature for all.

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Take A Pledge To Overcome Cracker Crazy Syndrome

By RoundGlass Rise

Across India, each year, the festival of light brings harmful after effect to many. Vulnerable younger and elder population, asthma patients and even pets. Accidents. The cracker bursting frenzy causes after effects for days - Smog, water pollution disturbing the eco-system. #Saynotocrackers

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