How to add details for risefundraiser online campaign

Messaging and visuals play a vital role in the success of your campaigns. This section helps you add more details about your campaign.

How to add photo and videos?

Select media that conveys the message of your campaign and mission.

Although, you can upload unlimited images and videos, select media that is most relevant and engaging for the viewer, without fatiguing them.

If using from free online source, be sure to check for licensing and credits policy.

Check the recommended media and pixel size to ensure quality output.

Multiple images and videos can be added by clicking on the “+” sign

NOTE: The first image becomes the campaign banner

How to select photos for my campaign?

The best photos are the ones that show your organization in action- Volunteers at work, images of beneficiaries, and photos from organization conducted events and fundraisers when relevant. Here are few other effective tips to selecting media:

Tip #1: Avoid using generic media as it might not evoke the emotion and motivation for your supporters and donor to connect and take action

Tip #2: If possible test images with a user group within your organization, volunteers and donor base. Throughout the campaign you will get the opportunity to analyze the performance – remember, messaging and visuals play a vital role in the success of your campaign and outreach.

Learn more on how to source royalty free images and media for your campaign

What is the preferred size and quality for campaign cover picture?

The recommended banner size is 1000×450. You could embed video by adding the url link to youtube video.

How to use ‘campaign content’ section?

This section allows you to add an elaborate summary of your campaign. This is a good location to establish the purpose, context, and importance of this campaign for your viewer. The summary structures can vary from campaign to campaign, but it is recommended to include the call to action you would want your viewer to take.

Here is one messaging structure that works well for most campaigns:

  1. Introduction to mission and cause
  2. Establish the context and importance of this campaign
  3. Briefly, describe goal and desired result and how your viewer’s participation impacts the
  4. campaign goal
  5. Who is the beneficiary?
  6. Call to action

The visual editor allows you to customize the content for font, color and add other elements and link to images or other rich media.