How to Add Offline Donations

In addition to online donations, your organization may receive donations through traditional modes such as cash or check. Rise fundraiser provides the ability to add these offline donations to your campaign. These funds will be included in the campaign tracker’s progress toward your goals, and donors will be included appropriately in the list of contributors.

Follow the instructions below to add offline donations to your campaign.

  1. Navigate to My Profile Tab. Click My Organizations and select the organization for which offline donation needs to be added.
  2. Step 2: Click Campaign History. Select the Campaign, and click Manage button
  3. Click Offline Donation tab.
  4. Select donation type: Cash/check
  5. Enter details about the donation in the form provided
  6. Select campaign’s chapter/team to which the donation should be attributed
  7. Select champion against which the offline donation needs to be performed.
  8. Add notes, specific details related to the offline donation.
  9. Select ‘Donate as anonymous’ option to donate anonymously. Donor information will remain confidential if this option is selected.
  10. For check donations, there is the option to add check images as a reference.
  11. Click submit