How To Setup an Online Fundraising Campaign

Arthur C. Brooks in his New York Times piece nails why fundraising works :

“Fund-raisers facilitate an alchemy of virtue: they empower those with financial resources to convert the dross of their money into the gold of a better society.”

While all fundraisers empower supporters and donors to convert money into virtue, that conversion takes work. Motivating the audience to become donors and supporters means engaging with them in timely, effective, and non-intrusive manner. Risefundraiser helps you optimize donor engagement and therefore the  result of any online fundraising campaign. Here is how each section contributes to that engagement.

Section 1:   Overview

This section is to capture basic information about your campaign. Information that most donors and visitor expect upfront – what charity they are supporting, what is the overall goal of the campaign, why this campaign is necessary and who will benefit. Here is a detailed guide for this section. The most important piece to speed up the setup process is to pay attention to the registration piece. Learn more detail here 

Important ! Section 1.1: Add your organization/Register your organization

Section 2: Campaign Details

A Simple two-step, this section is an important piece of your campaign as it displays the need for the campaign through a written and visual story. Remembers to share the purpose, context, and importance of the cause and campaign with your supporters. Here is more user detail.

Section 3: Our Stories

Stories are key to the success of your campaign. Stories can celebrate success, highlight the need for a specific gift, highlight a beneficiary, or frame your cause in human terms. This section is helpful at every stage of your campaign – more stories the better from more than 2 reasons:

  1. Give you a chance to convey the importance of campaign and cause more than once
  2. Build your online presence to original content
  3. Connect, and leave a lasting impression on your supporter, engage beyond the campaign timeline – by sharing success stories.

Here is a post that highlights the type of stories to engage with your audience.

Section 4: Chapters/Teams

If you are looking to raise funds online at a regional or at wider scale – chapters/Teams feature comes most handy. This tool lets you organize your supporters in groups; they can be organized by region or geographic location lead by champions or team leaders. Learn more about chapters/Teams capabilities and about champions in the nest section.

Section 4.1: what are Champions?

Here is some useful resource for champions

Section 5: Events

Keep your audience informed about any virtual or physical events. List of the events associated with the campaign. Later you will be able to use them as widgets in your campaign website pages. For more information, refer the user guide

Section 6: Sponsors

Use this section to recognize organizations or individuals, who have made a significant contribution of support to your cause. Upload their logos and they will appear on the fundraising campaign pages as sponsors. Learn more here

Section 7: Templates

You can select the layout you would like to apply to your campaign page here. You can interchange the template before going live with your campaign.

Section 8: FAQ

This section enables you to add more information about your organization or fundraising campaign in a user-friendly FAQ format. Few of the important FAQ questions that prove useful to all organizations.

More information about campaign’s goal?  – A description that will help supporters understand more and get them engaged.

Where does my money go?

Can I volunteer with your organization?

How can I become a champion for this campaign?

Here are few of the other useful resource:

Detailed risefundraiser User Guide

How to connect your bank account to risefundraiser

How to Add Offline Donations


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