Multiple Administrators and Campaign Managers

To add multiple organization administrators for a specific organization, please contact risefundraiser team through support request.

However, multiple campaign managers can be added to a specific fundraiser by organization administrator through following steps:

  1. Navigate to 'My Organizations'  from profile menu on the top right
  2. Select specific organization for which multiple campaign managers need to be added
  3. Click 'User Management' tab
  4. You can view all campaigns associated with a specific organization
  5. Select specific campaign
  6. Click 'User Management' icon from actions
  7. Search username already existing in the application to add as campaign manager. In case user which needs to be added as campaign manager does not come up in the search list, there will be an option to add new user within the application which can subsequently be assigned as campaign manager to the specific campaign. Click X icon to remove any campaign manager which needs to be removed from specific campaign.