Online Fundraising? Of Course, Not Without A Strategy

Statistics show that successful online fundraising can significantly contribute to the organization’s success. Investing in software to help you raise more online can have an exceptionally high rate of return compared to other types of cause marketing and promotion.

Of course, not without a strategy. The two most important questions most organizations can answer to make that decision:

Q1. Why include online fundraising into fundraising strategy?

Consider this:

#1 Over the last decade or so, donations made on the web through online fundraising continue to rise year after year across the globe.

# 2 Online donations are much more efficient. Especially when you choose a end-to-end fundraising platform that provides options beyond crowdfunding or donation forms.

A solution with an easy-to-use interface makes it easy for donors to give whichever way they prefer.


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Q2. Will the donors be able to figure out online fundraising platforms?

Consider this:

#1 Easy call to action and simplified donation process for supporters would definitely help them make the move to online

#2 Digitally savvy donors are also become the biggest asset for outreach and done right can bring attention to a cause and impact.

Above all, whether it is your organization’s site, published stories or online fundraising campaigns, it helps build an online presence and a stronger brand – Amplifying your network, improve visibility and efficiency. Online fundraising is an opportunity to succeed.


Still hesitant? Here’s how we can help!

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