Online Giving Platform, An Opportunity To Connect And Engage The Community You Serve

Online fundraising and 

A New Opportunity to Connect and Engage the Community they serve

Community foundations and other community philanthropies are among the fastest growing institutional forms of giving around the globe. With this growth, the role of community foundations is also evolving.

Among other essential roles, aligning social action, engaging the community, and expanding financial capital by providing platforms to connect givers and receivers are at the forefront for success.

Online giving help raise the bar:

Online giving unbridles an excellent opportunity to not only raise more funds, but to create transparency, trust, and engagement within and beyond the community they serve. 

Give Local is one such online platform that helped the Community Foundation SPS to raise more funds, server more nonprofits and engage the local community.

Download the case study to learn how the foundation leveraged online giving technology to raise 30% more funds, expand their donor base and create greater impact within the community they serve.