Register Organization

Rise Fundraiser allows both profit and nonprofit organizations to raise funds through fundraisers

Prerequisites for organizations to register on risefundraiser

  • Profitable Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations

You can get in touch with support team anytime in case you need any additional information

Register Organization

Navigate to register organization from 'Non-Profits'

Click 'Non-Profits' allows to explore organizations registered on risefundraiser

Click 'Add New Organization' to register organization

Also, same option can be accessed from 'For Nonprofits' page. Click ‘Register Your Organization’ button to register organization

In order to register organization, following information is required:

  • Registration Information
    • Name of organization
    • Enter Tax ID or Organization registration ID
    • Select type of organization - Nonprofit, Profit
    • FCRA approved - This is applicable for Indian nonprofit organizations
      • Please Note: By default, this option will be considered as FCRA disapproved unless it is marked as FCRA approved. Nonprofit organization needs to submit FCRA certificate as part of compliance documentation submission.
  • Connected Social Network Accounts
    • Facebook profile link of organization
    • Twitter profile link of organization
  • Contact Information for organization
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Website
    • Address
    • City
    • Zip Code
  • Enter Organization Administrator information for organization. An email will be sent to organization administrator to approve organization and specify additional required details for an organization to be registered on risefundraiser. Organization administrator can manage campaigns, payment processors, holds authority to approve campaigns
    • First Name of administrator
    • Last name of administrator
    • Email address of administrator

Note: Asterisk(*) depicts mandatory information. Once complete mandatory information is specified, then Save button will be enabled to submit organization for registration