Rise Fundraiser Overview – Full-featured, No-Fee, Integrated Peer Fundraising

If you’re looking for an online crowdfunding, or peer-fundraising solution for your nonprofit, we are proud to present Rise Fundraiser.  Custom built to support multiple simultaneous campaigns, many users, admins and fundraising champions, Rise Fundraiser will grow with your organization.

With built-in storytelling, social sharing, and reporting, Rise Fundraiser makes it easy to engage your supporters, connect on a human level, and manage a complete peer fundraising or crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re ready to grow your supporter base, raise money, and strengthen your organization though peer fundraising, please take a minute to read through our overview, and  preview our platform.

RISE Fundraiser Solution Brief

Please get in touch with risefundraiser@round.glass to schedule a free online fundraising consultation with one of our experts.

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