Risefundraiser 1.4 – Release Notes


Release 1.4 of Risefundraiser was focused mainly on enhancements from a user perspective. the three areas of enhancements were in-app user notifications, dashboards and reporting features.

Key Features and Enhancement

In-App Notifications:

Based on user’s role and privileges, the user receives notification triggered by a distinct set of events/action.

  • The notification icon displays the number of unreviewed notifications.
  • Added ability to view individual notifications in detail, along with browsing capability for all notifications in the same view. The view allows sorting of the notifications by timeline and highlights the unread/unreviewed notifications.

In-App Reporting: 

  • Along with donation summary, now campaign managers and organization admins are able to view and download (PDF or CSV ) summarized donation reports by champion – ‘Champion wise donation summary’
  • The report provides useful donor and champion related data – A unique system identifier for each champion, name and email address of the champion, associated champion page title. up-to-date donation collection by each champion, chapter they are associated with and basic information on status, date of sign up and last visit to the champion page.

Detailed steps to download the ‘Champion-wise donation summary’  report


  • MY CAMPAIGNS dashboard provides summarized view and accessibility to various sections of campaign/campaigns with suggested actions for each live campaign based on users’ previous interactions.
  • The dashboard is organized by campaigns and filtered by campaign status i.e. Draft, live, submitted or on hold. The user can sort and reorder campaigns, and filter them by their (User’s role) in different campaigns, or by campaign categorization.
  • Base on their role, the user is able to access various sections of the campaigns – Champions can directly access and edit champion page and chapter leader /campaign managers have access to champion tools.
  • Base on the role of the user, the user is able to perform certain actions – ability to publish story or updates. Campaign managers and chapter leaders can send an invite to champions or donors. Similarly, champions can send updates to donors, publish stories on the champion or chapter pages.
  • All users can see real-time progress of their campaign’s goals, the total number of donations, campaign details like location and organization, number of chapters and champions active on a campaign.