Yesterday was #GivingTuesday and today is #NotTooLate

Yes, it’s true – 27th Nov was #GivingTueday and today is #NotTooLate. For fear of fatiguing donors, limited resource or your belief that #GivingTueday is overwhelming for donors just like last week’s Thanksgiving meal – Whatever might be the reason, you really don’t have regret not doing a fundraiser for yesterday. After all, we are just […]

A Fresh Way to Bring the Giving Spirit to your Workplace this Season

  Want a fresh way to bring the giving spirit into your workplace this year?  Holiday fundraisers can foster a warm and friendly culture for employees and teams while contributing positively to the community — coming together around a cause like education, food, shelter, or human rights can build morale, strengthens teams, and honor your company’s values. With the holiday season […]

Online Fundraising Trends for Success– Your Champions, Stories and Data

Time goes by fast, and just like that, we are more than half way 2017. And most of us would agree, the better half of the year for fundraising. Even with the changes in the economic climate and political dynamics, things are looking up in 2017 for non-profits, charities, and NGOs. Might not true be […]