This Diwali gift Karma and Happiness


Every year we visit our relatives and friends around Diwali and gift them something or the other. At times it’s just a box of sweets while at times it’s an elaborate affair with several things in a hamper. Why not this Diwali we gift our near and dear one's Karma? It’s easy, just make a donation to any charity you know they’d wish to support and give them the receipt with a letter that explains the cause and why did you do this in a colorful envelope with a piece of chocolate.

Wondering why one piece of chocolate? Well because no celebration is complete in India unless a few extra calories are ingested. A box of sweets will last a few days at the most but Karma and the feeling that somewhere someone is having a warm and joyous Diwali as well, will make a much better gift, don’t you agree?

Diwali’s a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, happiness over misery. So, giving back to the society we live in will add to the spirit of this festival. In this dot-com world, this task is even easier. For a few clicks will not just get you the satisfaction of helping someone, while you gather blessings for a loved ones but will also put food on the table for a hungry old man in the flood-torn districts of Bihar or put books in the hands of a little kid dwelling near the railway tracks of Aligarh.

We all know why Diwali is celebrated, it’s the day Lord Rama returned home after completing his exile, it’s the day his struggles ended. Let’s keep that spirit alive as we end some struggle for someone by donating a few hundred, the day they feel, yes, it's a festival alright! 

 Don’t think, log on to Rise Fundraiser and Donate, Share or Launch a fundraiser. Let the world know this year you’re gifting Karma and happiness two gifts that’ll surpass all material packages they’ve been receiving for so long.