A Fresh Way to Bring the Giving Spirit to your Workplace this Season


Want a fresh way to bring the giving spirit into your workplace this year?  Holiday fundraisers can foster a warm and friendly culture for employees and teams while contributing positively to the community -- coming together around a cause like education, food, shelter, or human rights can build morale, strengthens teams, and honor your company's values. With the holiday season right around the corner, let us help you liven up old traditions, or bring some new ones to your office.

Rise Fundraiser offers free and easy solutions for an interactive, supported online fundraisers work the way you do: remote or on-site, as teams or individuals, supporting one cause or many, locally or globally, mobile friendly, efficient, and effective.

With Rise, you can raise money to support any US non-profit and many international organizations.  We connect with the organizations, handle all the paperwork, generate receipts, and make sure donors are properly acknowledged. At no cost to you.

Rise Fundraisers can be embedded in any web site, which makes it super easy for you showcase your generosity, share your progress, and engage your colleagues and coworkers - on your company website, blog posts, or social media to gather greater support. See the example below of how easy it is to showcase, donate, and share.

Our team fundraising feature helps you energize groups across your company for friendly competition, and team building.

If you're looking for an enterprise-scale giving solution, or want to highlight charity as a core value to your organization, Rise can create a customized giving page for this holiday season and beyond – where employees can participate, contribute or fundraise for causes they believe in.

However you wish to give, our team will support you through planning, set up and messaging to bring the spirit of giving to your office this year.

'Tis the season,
Bring employees together
Share love and compassion.
Let’s make this the best Holiday Season ever!

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