Yesterday was #GivingTuesday and today is #NotTooLate

Yes, it’s true – 27th Nov was #GivingTueday and today is #NotTooLate. For fear of fatiguing donors, limited resource or your belief that #GivingTueday is overwhelming for donors just like last week’s Thanksgiving meal – Whatever might be the reason, you really don’t have regret not doing a fundraiser for yesterday.

After all, we are just getting started on the real “Giving Season” Without the pressure of one day to do all you can, you have good four weeks to meet the year-end fundraising goals – Monday to Sunday – each day can become a Giving Day.

Especially, with a tool to quickly launch and edit a campaign in real-time, onboard champions for a peer-to-peer campaign, add new stories as you go Rolling #GivingTuesday or starting afresh into the Giving Season should be a breeze.

So, before #NotTooLate turns into #TooLate, let us help you kick-start you're giving season fundraiser on a high note. With our extended $100 match to campaigns launched by next Wednesday, we too commit to being a donor for your campaign. We also help you create awareness about your cause on social channels, and all at no cost to you through this giving season.